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Secondary Schooling: Initiating a Scholastic Renaissance

Our educational institutions are espoused to the task of making professionals out of students with an uncanny magic touch. Students graduating from Pristine Public Schools do not chase jobs but chase careers. The students are fostered to blend into any professional sphere they wish to make a career in. The secret behind the success rate of Pristine Public Schools is in churning out professional careers in a prolific measure year after year lies in the unchallenged commitment to make lives of even average students better, academically.

Web-Age Education

Imparting education to students in the web age is dynamic and demanding. Teachers need to be familiar with the IT trends and progress in the world of contemporary knowledge. Events around the planet are now in a state of flux and gathering momentum by the day. Inventions are happening almost every other day. One factor has come to stay: change.
Teachers need to stay competent in order to reach out to the present generation of students. They need to have a wealth of knowledge and their wits around them. Adapting to new pedagogical tools is the order of the day as the computer and the LCD screen have replaced the chalk and the board. Familiarity with and application of latest technology is obligatory. Professionalism is the name of the educational game in the present world.

PPS at the helm of Educational Renaissance

Secondary level of school is the decisive phase in the scholastic preference of a student. Children study various subjects by scrutinizing and not by scanning as at the Primary level. Each concept in every topic of the respective subjects is analyzed and examined in the class-room by the student under the teaching and supervision of the teacher. Teachers do impact the learning process of the subjects on the students. Pristine Public Schools believe in emphasizing on the learning methodology rather than the teaching.

Learning Process : 360° turn around

Pristine Public Schools has preffered a 360° turnaround to the conventional teaching-learning methodology. The improved approach is to tackle the issue at the core level in order to introduce a fresh and novel learning methodology: transferring teaching methodology to the back seat. The argument is simple: alter the sequence. In this sequence the subject itself becomes the teacher while the teacher becomes a facilitator. Thus the student comes into direct contact with the subject and the teacher playing the role of a medium through which the student gets closer to the subject. This helps the cause of the student being influenced by the subject rather than by the teacher in the learning process.
Cognitive Method: The subject, conventionally, won’t be in the clasp of the teacher. At PPS this is altered with the Subject playing the dominant role. The influence and interest directed upon the student is directly proportional to the merit and cognition of the subject and not of the teacher. PPS believes that every subject is significant in carving a different field altogether and contributing to life and career in equal measures. It is then upto the discretion of the students, under the guidance of the teacher, to choose a career in any subject / field depending on their strengths and weaknesses, besides opportunities to grow. At Pristine Public Schools, students are groomed for a professional career. Every career is equally precious to benefit students without any emphasis to the teacher.

Teacher : as a Role Model

Teachers play a pivotal role by acting as facilitators for respective subjects. PPS Methodology does not undermine the role of the teacher. On the contrary, it creates a scholastic environment where all teachers are extended equal reverence given that all subjects are treated and taught on par. There is no bias. Of course the subject matter and study material play an important role in contributing to the intellectual awareness of every topic.
Teachers are influential in instilling good morals and ethics in students. The conduct and bearing of the faculty and their professionalism rub off on the students.

Learning – Actively; not Teaching

Learning process can never be tedious when it is interactive. PPS believes in active participation of students in the classroom with the focus shifting from the teaching process to the learning. With the concepts explained and analyzed in every topic of respective subjects the teachers invite the students to discuss and debate on the topics / concepts. Every concept is probed from all possible perspectives till it is flawlessly comprehended in all the dimensions at a particular level. The same is done for all concepts in every subject. The exercise is repeated as the same topic is learnt in the next higher level to a greater degree. The analysis of a concept progressively helps a student to comprehend it beyond doubt.

Soft skills for Smooth Learning

Sharp soft skills are one way that can help the learning process tread the tricky terrains of Science without being confounded. Group Discussion helps crack tough concepts and problems in various topics by debating the various steps involved in problem solving. This gives scope to improve communication skills besides polishing the rough edges of the subject. Children progress in dual proportions: good listeners and good speakers. Above all it improves self-confidence and free expression. They also pick up the nuances of a Group Discussion and learn the art of problem solving through it.
Evolving linguistic / communication skills can inject a sense of seriousness in the entire exercise. The supportive role of Soft skills trainers and the Language labs becomes an integral part of the very pedagogy of Techno Schools.

Technology: a Pedagogic Tool

Technology of the IT age must be exploited in order to make the learning of traditional concepts of science and humanities, energetic. This can wipe out the age old evil of education: learning-by-rote. Technology can only assist the teacher and is not a teacher by itself.

Projects and Presentations

Practical study of various topics can make the learning exercise effective. At PPS students are given various projects to work on in the subjects prescribed. This activity not only makes the comprehension clearer but also builds team spirit among students. Presenting a project to an audience is an art. This interactive skill is sophisticated at PPS.
Power Point (slide) Presentation can generate thrill in the learning process. Topics in Biology, Physics and Chemistry can be made lively through animation. Pupils not only get perfect in the concepts of all subjects but also evolve the skills of slide presentation of the same. They are now 'intellectually armed to the hilt' with depth of knowledge on various subjects and application of the same.

Choosing a Career Without Flipping a Coin

PPS curriculum clears the mist that stands between the student and the subject. Students then grasp all subjects likewise with clarity. The scenario now becomes comprehensive because all subjects excite the mind. In the same positive way the result is that, career decisions are deferred to a later point of time with thorough comprehension of all the subjects. Students are equipped well to make a career choice before stepping out of high school after weighing the pros and cons of various careers, and not because they are more acquainted with one subject than with the other. There is no uncertainity in any subject since they have mastered all the subjects at par, thanks to PPS scholastic curriculum, material and teaching methodology. Future career is then decided by judicious choice, and not by the toss of a coin.

Alhamdulillah, the formal subjects at the PPS High School are taught in accordance to the globally acclaimed curriculum.

The formal subjects such namely:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Technology
  • Language and others

Modern information and communication technology and audio-visual facilities are provided to the students to impart better quality and more impactful education.



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