Our Mission

"Pristine Public School will foster the desire for learning and encourage all students to reach their fullest potential in the academic, physical, cultural and social spheres. We will encourage in each student the pursuit of excellence, a sense of self-worth and a concern for others".

Our Vision

"Our vision is to foster the holistic development of every learner and to promote honesty, integrity, responsibility, critical thinking and responsible decision-making skills in order to become and fully functioning and constructive member of Indian society according to the Holy Quran and Sunnah."

Our Values

These values reflect our philosophy of moral growth:

Integrity:             Dealing honestly with each other and ourselves, and honoring our commitments
Respect:              Demonstrating an appreciation of the dignity of each human being and the beauty of the natural  world Allah created
Responsibility:    Taking responsibility for our own actions
Compassion:       Treating others in a kind and caring way
Humility:             Acknowledging our weaknesses and learning from others
Commitment:    Dedicating ourselves to making a positive contribution to our community, country and world.


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