Pristine Public School, Alhamdulillah, provides children excellent quality education and facilities for their overall development. They are taught moral values and various skills to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of life with care, confidence and self-discipline.

The school provides an environment in which the students can learn, understand and practise their ‘way of life’ , as they strive for excellence in subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, History, Geography and others. It moulds the student's personality according to righteous Islamic tenets and inculcates in them the values and concepts of caring, sharing and being just… for truth and universal brotherhood and peace to prevail.

The PPS Teacher to student ratio of less than 1:5 and staff to student ratio of less than 1:2.5 is unique and one of the lowest amongst reputed schools worldwide. This helps in maintaining high quality, reliability and control of the education and facilities provided to the student at PPS.

PPS guidelines and constitution are based on the glorious Qur’an and the authentic Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Developed by Al-Falah Educational Society

After thorough study and under aids of Islamic and educational institutions worldwide and interacted with many experts on school orientation, teaching methodology, curriculum implementation and management. The pragmatic insights gained from these meetings and latest research and learnings on effective education strategies help in the continuous improvement and development of the PPS, to be contemporary and Islamic… to fulfill the student's educational needs for this ‘Duniya’ (world) and the ‘Aakhirah’(hereafter).
Our vision is to uplift the ‘Generation Next’… to multiple times.


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