The Parents’ participation in their child’s development at school and home are invariably interlinked and vital for overall growth and stability of the child at home and school.

The parents are therefore encouraged to meet, interact and review their child’s education and development with his/her teachers. They are also invited to join in the special events and programmes of the school like ‘Annual Sports’, ‘Islamic Vision’, ‘Personality Development for Parents’, ‘Weekly Public Talks’, ‘Exhibitions’, ‘Conferences’ and others.

In the process, it has been noticed, the Islamic understanding, learning and growth of the parents as well as the bonding with their child grows remarkably strong.

Influences of society upon a child should be analysed critically. An unlslamic environment can result in the corruption of a virtuous Muslim's Islamic understanding, upbringing and values. These PPS parents realize that truly concerned Muslim parents with Taqwa (piety) and concern educate their children in an Islamic school to avoid their children falling prey to the bad influences and immorality prevalent in society.

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